Monday, 30 December 2013

Looking back at 2013

In this past year, great and small things happened. And even the small things somehow seem great too. I’m taking the time to take a glimpse back at the things that challenged me, excited me, thrilled me and even scared me (in a good way). This is to remind me that this year wasn’t all pain and misery, but also filled with great stuff. So, as i’m bright-eyed, waiting eagerly for the new year (a couple of days away. ;), i take a look back at this year, not one of regret, but one of a great sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

This year,

I moved my lil blog from wordpress to blogger. Why? Well, i was finding my voice as a personal blogger and realized blogger was more for that. Hey, in my humble opinion.

I went for my first local missions trip.

I hiked and made it to the top of the highest mountain in the country. heck yes! & went to see the wli falls for the first time. Pretty sweet.

I faced my stage fright-ness and performed one of my poems.

I discovered soul soothing songs like this one.

God made a way and took me to South Africa & Swaziland for missions. How He made this happen still blows my mind. He’s just awesome!

I attended the annual Singles' Summit my church holds.

I started serving as a steward in church.

I graduated from UG after my undergrad studies. yea, i know i don't look it. *shrugs*

I joined the ‘I Write’ video campaignLong braids, green top. yea, that’s me.

I got baptised by immersion. The real deal, people.

I’ve been a consistent blogger. C’mon, i blogged at least once a month. That should count for something, right? Right.

I’ve learned to wait, really wait in hope, & letting the valley teach me how to sing.

Oh, and two of my favourite musicians of allll time tweeted me! Moriah Peters & Jason Gray. So, in honor of their total coolness, i would like to share my fav songs by them. You should totally listen to them!

Moriah Peters:
I choose Jesus
Well done
Waves of love
Know us by our love.

Jason Gray:
Nothing is wasted (this song has seen me through a whole awful lot!)
I am new
Remind me who i am
Good to be alive
Fear is easy, love is hard
More like falling in love.

For alllll of these things that happened to me this year, I’m thankful. For both the good and bad, I’m thankful. Cause i sure know God’s working it all together for my good.

So, though i couldn’t do all the things on my vision board for the year, I’m glad i did do some, plus others that God sweetly surprised me with but wasn’t initially part of the plan. He's good like that. :)

There are many awesome adventures and challenges up ahead that’ll grow me up the more in Him in the coming year, and I can say I’m ready for it all.  Bring it on, 2014! ;)

How was this year for you, and what did you end up accomplishing? Do share!


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