Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My missionary life in South Africa!

Hello folks! So like I said, I'm going to feed your eyes with more of pictures of my missionary life from the SA missions trip! ;) This trip seriously made me grow spiritually. For the first time ever in my life, I did a 24 hr fast! And the amazing thing? I survived! My fast metabolic system totally survived! Hahah It wasn't easy at all, but it sure was worth it. 

A couple of awkward/funny things happened to me too! LOL There was this time I was dancing a choreography with other missionaries in our host church, Potter's House when my left flats suddenly flew from my feet! Can you imagine?! :)) I felt so embarrassed but smiled my way through the rest of the dance. It was embarrassment and humor all mixed together. (Yeah, go on and laugh all you want.lol) From then onwards, I never ministered in dance with those pair of  flats again. I danced with socks on (I was always in socks anyway cos of the cold) or with my shoes that had laces. I didn't and don't want my shoe flying from my feet ever again!

Oh well, let the pictures begin! :)
This is one of the schools we ministered at.

One of the missionaries ministering to Goede Hoop learners based on 2 Timothy 2:22

Oosrand High, another school we consistently evangelized at.

Me with some Oosrand High learners.

That's me in the white cap trying to teach the students of Mvelaphanda Primary in Tembisa a song during one of their Monday morning assemblies.

A couple of us evangelizing to some learners by the lake in Boksburg.

Me with Semgele, a sweet lil girl at a program we held at Mvelaphanda school one Saturday. She had to go home cos her mom was calling for her but didn't want to leave. I had to sweet talk her and take pictures to appease her before she decided to go home to mummy! Oh, kids! :)

One of the kids at the program. Aint he cute?!

Petrunia and I after the program. She's a member of the Love fellowship we established at Tembisa!

We were celebrating the birthday of one of the missionaries. *Ice cream and cake*

Aunty Phoebe and I. She's one of the sweet women in our host church, Potter's House, Boksburg. :)

Meet Kayla! One of the pretty kids in our host church.

Before church service on my second Sunday in SA.

I had to help teach Sunday school that Sunday, and I had fun with the kids. This is some of them acting out Daniel in the lions' den. Heheh

Me and Crystal after church that Sunday. I can't remember why we were so happy. LOL

That's the team of missionaries after church. Make me out by my brown shoes. Hahah

Passing through one of the stores around our block. (Anything funny you see around the left corner of my lips is the fever blister that came along with the fever I had. Not cool, I know.) /blush

Some snaps from the window of our moving van. Oh, and btw, public transport in SA is called "combi." 

Dear friends, I hope you enjoyed this set of SA pictures. I'll update you on more later!

You're precious to God.:) xoxo

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