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Life in Swaziland

Hi guys! Today is all about my experience on missions in Swaziland! :) Yes, I journeyed to the kingdom of Swaziland while in SA! That was during the second week of being on missions. Swaziland is about seven hours away from SA, so it was a pretty long road trip. I'm forever thankful to God for the opportunity to travel all the way to Big bend, Swaziland to hold a camp for the youth there. 

Swaziland was way warmer than Jo'burg, especially during the day time, so I was very happy about that.  We were blessed to stay with a great host family in their cozy home too. :)
This was in the heart of Jo'burg where we had to get our transport to Swaziland.

We passed through Mbabane and Manzini.

Swaziland is pretty much a mountainous place with vast lands in between quite small settlements. The houses are smaller and the streets aren't so busy like in SA. However, you'll find the landscape beautiful if you're crazy about nature like me. hahah

Water was much needed during the long drive there.

I shared the sweet, life giving message of Jesus with a Japanese guy who's lived in SA for a while. He was sitting by me on the bus to Swaziland and it was his first time going there too. It was easy to talk with him. He didn't act weird like how some people can get when you start talking about Jesus. He was receptive and even ended up giving me this SA/Swaziland backpackers guide book to help me around for the rest of my stay. I pray the seed I sowed in his heart thrives and grows by God's grace. :)

Me infront of our host family's house.
One of the meals I had there. Rice with soup and chicken and veggies. The red thingy is beetroot, and I'm a lil embarrassed to say I couldn't eat it. lol We had spinach with one of our meals sometime and I couldn't eat that too. Oh well, you cant blame me. My taste buds were not having it and it was my first time tasting those veggies so...

This was at the 'Life with purpose camp' we held at a church in Mahlabaneni, Swaziland.

We had a lil musical chairs at the camp and it was fun. And yeah, that's me on the left in the grey top. heheh

We were having a discussion on relationships/dating. This was fun too. ;)

Life with purpose camp! Yaaay!!!

Saying the opening prayer at the 'Sermon on Sofa' ministration we had on a Sunday morning at Sisekelo High School.

The students.These were the ones who lived on campus.

Praises and worship time

Dance ministration time. Yeah, I made sure to remove my flats. I didn't want them flying from my feet again. lol My socks alone worked pretty fine.

Deep in worship.

A group snap with the students.

Right after Sisekelo High, we went for church service where we had the camp, and this is Nokwanda and I after service. She's the eldest daughter of the pastor- Ps. Walter. It was he who helped bring together the youth for the camp. It was totally fun hanging out with their family in their home that Sunday evening. We played a game called 'the chocolate game' and it was laughter & eating of chocolate throughout. Saying goodbye to them after all the fun was hard to do. But we did and hurried back to our host family. I really miss them. They've been such a blessing to us, the missionaries. :)

This was the next day, Monday. We were on our way to go visit the wife of the home we stayed in at her workplace to say goodbye before leaving for SA.

She's the lady in the white top. God bless her and her husband for receiving us in their home. Oh, Swaziland fact 101: most of the residents in Big Bend work at 'Ubombo Sugar.' It's apparently one of the biggest sugar producing companies in Swaziland. Big Bend has lots of sugar cane fields around, so it's no shocker.

Don't you just love this? The deep blue sky gives the photo a cool touch, right? Right. I should probably start considering photography as one of my passions. ;)

This shot was on the way back to SA.

That's a billboard featuring the king of Swaziland. It's pretty far back though.

This is one of my absolute favorite shots of the landscape in Swaziland.

At the border, about entering back into the cold of SA. lol

The sun setting beautifully when we were nearing Jo'burg.

Good people, thanks for tuning in up till this point. :) May you be inspired to go out there to share Christ with people of different cultures. I'll be back with more. ;)

Have a God-filled weekend! xoxo,

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