Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My final week in SA

Well, hello there! I know, I've stalled a bit on this post. Apparently, a bad malaria fever thought it was fun to attack me the past week, but here I am, healthy and strong again, thanks to our awesome Healer. :)

Ok, let's cut to the chase. lol.The final week in SA was bittersweet. As much as I loved my experience, I was kinda dying to get back to my warm Ghana. ;) Seriously. Missions is certainly not the most glamorous, luxurious work to do. We always slept late and woke up early dawn to pray. But that's what it's all about. Sacrifice. I made that tough decision to leave behind my comfort and go out there because I'm that concerned about the lives and souls of people I don't even know. And as I felt thankful and fulfilled to have done my assignment in SA/Swaziland those three weeks, I also looked forward to the new chapter of my life. (this lass is a fresh graduate!...I know, I don't look it. lol)
Ministering to some Oosrand senior high learners, focusing on 2 Timothy 2:22
"But flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the name of the Lord from a pure heart."

During one of the love fellowship meetings at Tembisa.

Celebrating Denzel's birthdayyy! (guy on the extreme right)

That's our host pastor, Pastor Wesley in the striped shirt and his wife on his right. Such sweet people!

Me with Jayden, Denzel's fiancee. :)

So, the teachers and students of Goede Hoop Primary, one of the schools we consistently ministered at, loved us so much they decided to have a lil thank you/goodbye party for us. These are some of the lovely students dancing to 'Who am I' by Casting Crowns. I  certainly was entertained and happily sang along too. *claps* Oh, they danced so beautifully!

That's one of the teachers presenting some gifts they had packaged for us. Talk about lovely hearts!

This is my precious gift from the teachers. A Bible to make teaching kids about God extra fun! Thank you Goede Hoop Primary!!!

Aquala, the school prefect & her buddy, Mickayla and I.

That's Mickayla teaching me how to play some melodies on their huge xylophones.

See, I'm a fast learner. ;)

Sweet Kayla dropped by when we were decorating placards for our very last Jesus March.

The placards all ready for the march.

I chanced on some of the kids from our host church playing in a park during the march. I miss these kids!

BBQ party at our host pastors house. The steak though. Finger lickin'!

Crystal! Miss her lots.

Before church service on the very last day.

Me with elder Celeste from Potter's House and her son after service. *Goodbye pictures*

Remember Nokwanda from Swaziland? Yurp. It was such a pleasant surprise to see her come over to fellowship with us at Potter's House and go see us off at the airport. :)

Final moments at Potter's House.

At O.R Tambo Int. airport. Leaving was getting real, but I kept my smile anyway. :)

A slice of O.R Tambo Int. airport. It's so huge and beautiful.

Grabbing a bite at Nandos after check in.

My almost cleared plate.

Yeah, you guessed right. I couldn't miss taking a snap with the cloth imprinted with the photo of our dear Nelson Mandela. :)

 A snap of one of the numerous planes at the airport.

I had a flight to catch but of course, I stopped for a snap. lol We would have been a lil late if we hadn't super hurried our tails from Nandos to get through security. Nandos is right inside the airport but I tell you, it's a long way from there to security. We skipped and ran when we could. lol I was bold to stop and take this snap cos I was done with security and I was literally about to board my flight. Plus, I needed to catch my breath and I loved the view. ;)

I totally enjoyed my 6 hr flight back home. I watched some comedy shows to while away the time, and I conked out while watching Despicable Me 1. Oh well... South African Airways has great service though. :)

Yeah, I got a middle lane seat this time around, but I thoroughly enjoyed the flight all the same. :)

And it's goodbye to SA...till some other time.

I've learned so much from this experience, seriously. Being with the kids from our host church and the schools brings me such joy and I believe God is calling my heart into children's ministry. The way the faces of the kids light up when I'm hanging with them is something of a confirmation for me.
I'm glad I got to speak with all the people I spoke with on this trip. I believe God beautifully designed it all even before I made the decision to GO. And I'm so thankful for being graced with the wisdom and strength in my beginning steps to honor Matthew 28:19,20
"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age."

I pray that all Christ followers will see the seriousness of this scripture and put their comfort on hold for the greatness of the Kingdom.
I pray all Christ followers see themselves as default missionaries with a task to GO near and far to share the Good News, helping to save souls from the horror of hades and to encourage people in their walk with Jesus.

God needs you on board dear one. What do you say? :) xoxo,

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