Friday, 29 May 2015

my favorite movies!

Hi guys! So today, I decided to blog about my favorite movies. These movies reveal and remind me of what’s important and what’s true; faith, hope and love. 
Some are quite popular, some may be new to you. I hope you discover meaningful stories from these movies that resonate with your own story or a story close to home. In no particular order:

·         Amazing love (based on the book of hosea.)
·         Facing the giants
·         Fireproof
·         Letters to God
·         One night with the King (based on the book of esther.)
·         Pilgrim’s progress (old one, I know. Haven’t read the book yet so the movie does it for now ;)
·         This is our time (ethan’s story in this film is so close to mine at the moment)
·         Taken by grace
·         What would Jesus do
·         Akeelah and the bee (love it cos of my love for words ;)
·         Anne of green gables series (oh, how this story expresses my desire for a stable, warm family. Sigh)
·         Beware of ‘christians’ (this is such a good one, I promise. It’s actually a film by a few college guys. You have to watch this!)
·         Brother white
·         Christmas with a capital C
·         Christmas angel
·         Courageous
·         Cutback
·         End of the spear (this is a must watch, guys! It’s a film based on a true story.)
·         Hachi, a dog tale
·         I am Gabriel
·         Jonny (I got to memorize some lovely scriptures through this movie.)
·         Left behind I and II
·         Marriage retreat
·         Me again
·         Love comes softly
·         Loves everlasting courage
·         Love begins
·         October baby (lovely one!)
·         Preacher’s kid
·         Pride and prejudice
·         A mile in his shoes
·         A shine of rainbows
·         Revenge of the bridesmaids
·         Safe harbor
·         Sarah’s choice
·         Soul surfer (very inspiring!)
·         Suing the devil
·         The blindside
·         The encounter
·         The nanny express
·         The ultimate gift (it’s filled with so much wisdom about life… who true friends are)
·         To save a life (if you’re battling depression or know someone who does, please carve out time to watch this. Really important.)
·         The grace card
·         Snowmen

This is quite a list, huh. hahah I’m a story kind of person, so movies, films, they speak to me, especially faith based ones. Lemme know if there’s any on my list you’ve watched. i hope you get to watch any of them this weekend. and please share titles of any great movie/film you’ve seen which isn’t on my list. enjoy!


  1. War room. After this movie, i wanted to have a closet. Not for clothes or shoes but my war room.

    Gods not dead


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