Thursday, 4 May 2017

the missions trip to yeji!

hi people! so i mentioned sometime back that i got the chance to go for a local missions trip to yeji in the brong ahafo region of Ghana in february. it was organsied by the ministry i serve with called teens aloud foundation.

we set off from accra late in the night from my old university campus on  on 23rd february. it was a very loooong drive. we had to pick our members from the other university campuses (Kwame Nkrumah uni of science and tech //KNUST//, uni of energy and natural resources //UENR//etc).
so we got here the next morning. and right away we dispatched in groups and went for junior high school outreach (j-reach) in several schools in the town.

here's a little recap of the missions. twas an amazing time with children and young people. this is going to be mostly photos. ;)

 junior high school outreach at citizen int school :)

 ice breakers// doing the banana dance ;)

 the students trying out the banana dance :D

 i think i was pulling someone's leg about the dance ;)

 we're dancing! yaaayyy! :D

 time for the sermon. i shared my slightly thick passion story heheheh ;)
the key text was based on 2 timothy 2:22 "Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart."

 we shared "shine magazine," a magazine designed for young people filled with devotionals, puzzles and fun, fun, stuff that's geared towards helping the nurturing process of their spiritual growth.

 having fun taking dozens and dozens of photos with the students with their copies of the shine magazine. :)

 of course, i couldn't leave without hanging with the sweet little children i befriended there and give them bear hugs. hihihih

 with my fellow missionaries walking through the market place in the town on our way for SOS (Sermon on the Sofa) to minister to senior high school students.

 playing ampe with girlsss :)// yes, yes, that's me in flight. heheheh

 marching through the town during the Jesus March to crown Him Lord over Yeji! :D

 our final stop at the bank of the volta river on 26th February, our last full day. hanging with wilma and alex!

hanging with dessy, gould, joseph and another awesome missionary. :)

 my friennnd!

 so i borrowed her bike, trying to test to see if i could still ride a bike cos it's been forever since i rode one. the last time i did was way back in junior high. bwahahaha!

oh you know, taking a photo with the bike that i actually couldn't ride cos my riding skills have gotten so, so rusty. :P

 the evening we were leaving. 
we took this after i spent some time chatting with them and making them laugh their heads off. kwakwakwa! laughter is good for the soul i hear. :D

i miss allll my kidssss. :( they bring me so much joy. :D

 baring our teeth in the pitch dark cos we're excited missionaries!

 alright guys, i hope you've been inspired to go out there and serve cos you've been saved to serve! ask the Lord where He would want you to go and follow His leading!

xoxo, delali.

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