Monday, 10 August 2015

music monday// broken hallelujah

We tend to have the need to hide away or pretend when we’re really not ok, right? I’ll be honest and admit that’s true with me sometimes. The Lord has however been teaching me it’s ok, really to bring my brokenness to Him, to tell Him every single thing that weighs my mind. The world will tell you it’s weakness to show you seem lost and scared. Don’t buy that. It’s the really strong people who can admit they’re momentarily weak. It’s tiring to pretend to the whole world that you’re ok when you actually aren’t.

In His presence, we can be who we really are, unashamed. Because He loves us inspite of how messy we formerly were or presently are, or will be. There’s something about singing to Daddy that makes me come alive. No matter how broken I get, singing always soothes me. singing to Him in the place of darkness turns my soul into a place of hope and joy.

Two languages I heard when I was young
One said make-believe, the other said run
But I have no peace when I try to pretend
And running never got me anywhere in the end.
Something deep inside me was longing just to breathe
And neither voice I followed ever made me truly free

A heart divided cannot bear the weight
I’d almost given up and then I found this place
Where broken children gather and they sing their Father’s song
My heart was aching at the sound, I had to sing along

And find me on my knees, with nothing left to hide
I’ll be by the river, leaving all my shame behind
I’ll be singing loud, I’ll be singing clear
Broken hallelujahs for everyone to hear
Singing broken hallelujahs
You can find me here

Well history keeps trying to repeat
And the only way to stop its curse is
Learning how to speak
The language that is written in our hearts
Freedom comes when we find the place where mercy starts
So children gather ‘round me now and sing that holy song
Where those that do not have a home can finally belong

Blessed are the poor in hearts
Blessed are the weary ones
Blessed are the ones who weep
For they will see eternity

Blessed are the ones who hunger
Blessed are the ones who thirst
Blessed are the sick and needy

You’ll find us on our knees, with nothing left to hide

We’ll be in the river, leaving all our sins behind

seek safe people you trust in your life who you can truly bare your soul to, people you can sing broken hallelujahs with in the presence of our Redeemer. 

“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” Jeremiah 31:25

He promises us that we we are blessed even in the pain we bear. a time is coming when we'll be in a place where pain and shame cannot reside.
xoxo, gen

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