Monday, 30 June 2014

music monday// faithful

it's monday! time for some music!
the words to this song have become a personal prayer i whisper to myself these days. i'm in a season where i really need God to direct me and confirm His words to me concerning certain things. some plans i had which i committed to Him aren't falling through as i hoped. but i know He's here. He will lead me. 

faithful ~ brooke fraser
there's distance in the air and i cannot make it leave,
i wave my arms round about me and blow with all my might
i cannot sense You close, though i know You're always here
but the comfort of You near is what i long for.

when i can't feel You, i have learned to reach out just the same
when i can't hear You, i know You still hear every word i pray
and i want You more than i want to live another day
and as i wait for You maybe i'm made more faithful.

all the folly of the past, though i know it is undone,
i still feel the guilty one, still trying to make it right
so i whisper soft Your name, let it roll around my tongue
knowing You're the only one who knows me. You know me.

show me how i should live this,
show me where i should go.
i count this world as loss to me.
You are all i want. You are all i want.

"and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." romans 8:28

be encouraged that He is near and He has a great plan better than your dreams. keep believing. 
have a lovely day! :)

p.s {as i was writing this blog, God showed up in the form of someone, filled with kindness, with a bill i didn't request for in hand for me. tell me He isn't close! i can get the things i need to get after work with it without using my strictly budgeted money. :) He is near, He listens.}


  1. Oh my gosh! One of my favorite songs! Have you heard "Hymn" by Brooke Fraser? I think it's on the same album as "Faithful."

    1. it's one of my favs too! and nooo, i haven't heard that one. i'm so going to check it out and listen till i wear it out. :)

  2. Love this album...I'll have periods where I'll listen to one song for a while over and over again. Hymn was one of them and I love the simplicity yet depth of this song. But I also love Deciphering Me and The Thief.

    1. i love 'deciphering me' too! :) i just love how brooke's songs speak to my heart! i simply can't get enough.

  3. What a pretty song!!! I have never heard it - I like her voice! I love the verses you shared too!

    1. yeah, brooke has a lovely voice. this song helps soothe my anxious heart. i'm glad it resonated with you!


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Soaring Up In Sunshine
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