Monday, 9 June 2014


Relishing in & enjoying: the time spent in the beauty and serenity of nature with Cheryl, le guitar. :)
venue for photos: my alma mater, UG. :)

Gushing over: my new bible and camera I gifted myself for my birthday and the flat pumps my sweet friend, martina gave me for the birthday (which was 25th may :) 

I love that the bible has these cute index thingys that make it easier to find a book. 

I got this cute Samsung HD camera a little before my birthday. I know, I have to invest in a big girl nikon/canon camera sometime but for now this should do. ;)

the cute flat pumps-thanks martina!

Loving: my new cross earrings & my not-so TWA-{teeny weeny afro}. well I got kinky curly twists over the weekend so it hasn’t been that long since I rocked my ‘fro so it still counts. ;)
before & after church on le birthday

Listening to: desert soul, joy, my lighthouse, you are my vision by rend collective… sing in the rain by moriah peters…my hope is in You by aaron shust. These have been on repeat like crazy. Rend collective is becoming my new fav band, ya’ll!

Watching: preacher’s kid {watched this last night actually}. This movie is really good! Watched it first when it came out a few years back, and it doesn’t get old. Especially to any girl out there seeking for attention from the wrong guy, the girl looking for love in the wrong places, the girl who is willing to compromise her values/beliefs just to please some guy who’s not worth it, the girl who thinks she’s gone too far, messed up too much to return to the ultimate Lover of her soul, this movie is for you. It’s got a lot to teach.

Reading: aside le bible, a summer read titled ‘beach season’, {and blogs, one of my favs being, the lipstick gospel}

I haven’t really done a ton of novel reading. I finished reading through proverbs during the weekend and started jeremiah. {I’d love to name one of my future sons jeremiah. such a powerful + lovely name, right?}

Thankful for: sweet friendships, the kind where you can share your wild dreams & fears & bare your soul. The kind where you aren’t afraid or ashamed to be vulnerable. the kind that puts up with all your quirks. the kind that breathes life and speaks truth into you, the kind that is real. I’m not about shallow small talk, I’m about deep + hearty conversations.

Dreaming about: the beautiful future and all the possibilities it holds.

Learning to: play the guitar and to fight for my joy. The latter is a spiritual discipline which is oh, so worth it.

Praying for: diligence to love and serve the Lord with all my heart and soul. {but without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6}

what have you been up to lately? do share!
gen delali.


  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I've been listening to My Lighthouse and the whole Rend Collective cd quite a bit myself ;)

    1. thank you, Katelin! their lyrics are full of truth and the music so, so goood!

  2. hey found you from a harvest of blessing link-up! love your photos - and yes, rend collective is amazing. and seriously, i don't have a "big girl camera" either - it's more about learning to use whatever you have, and using it well!

    1. well, hello there, Whitney! :) and yeah, very true, it's about using what you have well. thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Ms. Delali! Found you from a harvest of blessing link-up! First of all, I can say that it's so great to find another Ghanaian blogger? I was wondering where the rest of us were. And the fact that you ALSO have natural hair? ah I HAVE to follow you now! Hope your day has been really awesome so far

    1. hello, Norkor! :) haha, they'll come around soon hopefully. and yurp, i had my big chop not too long ago. thanks for dropping by, i'm heading over to your blog right away!

  4. Love all these pictures of you with your guitar!! Beautiful!


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