Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Life Lately

The past couple of weeks have been busy ones. After my last finals and final submissions, I FINALLY finished up with my undergrad studies (that’s a lot of finals I used in that sentence LOL). After that, I had to do an awful whole lot of packing to leave for home. I barely had any decent amount of sleep when I got home that night cos mom woke me up early  at dawn around 4 am to get ready for the trip to our hometown for my grandma’s funeral (bless her soul). All that while, I had to make sure I had packed up what I needed for the trip. 

Well, by God’s grace everything went well, the days flew by and I had to pack up and leave for the city. I got home just yesterday and as I’m talking (urm, typing) I need to pack up for a camp I’ll leave for tomorrow. I’m like this packing machine right now. Because I’ve been busy right after school, I’m not exactly feeling that freedom I should feel. I’m looking forward to when I’ll finally get some breathing space and really feel the sharp contrast between being so busy and just winding down. 

The camp is going to last for about a week and it's in preparation towards the summer missions trip the awesome evangelistic foundation I’m a part of is organizing. The campsite is out of town and the time we’ll spend there is going to be packed up with activities, so I’ll barely get me enough of my much needed rest and alone time. Sigh. 

On the brighter side, I’m excited though. I’m really expectant of what God will do. I’m eager to listen to His voice and direction as I spend time in His Word, praying, in fellowship in a quiet and secluded atmosphere. I’ll at least get time to do some reflections, journal, and just enjoy God in the calmness of the place, far from all the noise and clutter of life. I’m trusting God to speak to us concerning the missions in the different countries we’ll be going to. The first group will leave for the missions next week God willing after camp and the rest will join a few weeks after. I’m really trusting Him to make all things possible for us, for the people we share the Good News with to be transformed (even we the missionaries) and for souls to be won.

After all the cramming for my finals, through all the packing and grieving over the weekend and all the crazy in between, I believe the camp is just what I need to revive my spirit and help recharge me as I spend time alone with God and with other souls thirsting after Him. The dawn prayers we’ll have at camp remind me of Mark 1:35 “And in the morning, a great while before day, He arose and went out to a lonely place, and there He prayed.” This will be my inspiration to pray at that early hour when I’m likely to feel crazy sleepy. LOL This reminds me...

A week ago, a few days before I left school, God spoke to me through a fellow missionary. He said so many things to me that encouraged, strengthened and comforted me. I’m just so grateful that He’s concerned with my life that much. So there was this part He said that I’ll wake up in the middle of the night this week between 12 and 2am, and when I do, I shouldn’t go back to sleep but I should get up and pray. 

Last evening, after being wiped out for travelling back home, I showered, snuggled with some snacks while I finished up a movie and conked out on the couch. Hours later, I happened to wake to what seriously felt like someone nudging me sideways to wake up. I opened my eyes, there was no one there and I checked the time. It was 12:50am and I immediately remembered the message God sent me last week. With groggy eyes and a tired body, I fought against the desire to sleep and paced up and down praying to God. 

About 45 minutes later in prayer I was wide awake. I read some psalms afterwards and a bit of Matthew. I thought about how God honors His Word. I was so tired and deep in sleep, I don’t know how I woke up. And as I said, I felt I was literally being shaken to wake up. It makes me wonder, really. I could have gone back to sleep right after that but somehow, I checked the time and immediately I remembered what I was supposed to do. Why God chose that time, He alone knows. 

I’m glad I was obedient enough to do my little part of His grand scheme that night. I thought about whether to share this or not...thinking about how off or weird it might sound, but I decided to go with it. I don’t know who might need this as an assurance or an encouragement. I need to remind myself that I can’t let what people think or say stop me from sharing what God does for me. This is not about me, it’s all about HIM. It’s all for His glory. That prayer in the night must be the very thing that I needed but didn’t know of. I’m thankful for God’s directions and guidance. It’s like the more I get serious with Him, the more He draws closer to me. I’m beginning to feel this personal connection with God grow more and more...
Ok, before I finish up with this blog, I would like to share an amazing movement I found on Twitter. ;) It’s called Overcome The Lie. It basically encourages women to overcome the lies the devil throws in their faces and believe the truth of God’s Word concerning their lives. Their Twitter handle is @OvercometheLie. There are Twitter parties sometimes with the hash tag #overcomethelie. I join in when I can. The time difference gets in the way sometimes but when I happen to stay up pretty late, I definitely look forward to the wisdom everybody shares during that time. The next Twitter party is Monday 9pm EST. It’s very inspiring. You should join in whenever you can. :) 

So, I’ll talk to ya’ll later. I’ll be sure to fill you in on camp and thoughts on my mind when I’m back. ;) Keep seeking God, He’s right there to answer you and to speak to your heart. He loves you. xoxo 


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