Friday, 15 August 2014

road to discovery

as i sat in the passenger's seat of the car, with the wind cheerfully touching my face, the song playing from the radio captured my thoughts. so soothing, so gentle and edifying. mh, i like this song, i both thought to myself and said aloud. the rest agreed it was a nice song. do you know who sang it? i asked my friend driving. nope, he didn't. i froze a couple lines of the chorus in my brain, with the thought of looking it up later on good ol' google. it was so good i had to have it and sing it to myself.
you see, i was used to beyonce, rihanna, shontelle, trey songs, chris brown, jason derulo, t pain and overly sad country songs and a slew of others. and though i knew the songs by these folks don't glorify God and fed my carnal self, i just didn't know what i would listen to if i did do away with them. don moen? urm, i liked his songs but i didn't know how i could possibly listen to him all the time and not want to skip back to my carnal fueling, overly emotional, sensual, self-centered songs. thing was, i didn't have such great options of Christian songs that really resonated with me.

so when those soothing lyrics and music floated from the radio into the breezy, happy atmosphere of the car, i was curious. you are changing the world one little heartbeat at a time, making history with every touch and every smile, oh you, you might not see it now, but time will tell how you, you are changing the world one little heartbeat at a time...the singer crooned. it felt like he was talking to me (though i wasn't and currently not a mom.)
that was three years and some months ago when i was heading back to campus from a church service i was invited to. i was still in my lukewarm nature. not so into God, not so evil too, you know. i knew most secular songs didn't portray Christian values and the enemy was (still) using them as a way to sear our conscience and manipulate our thoughts to think and do sinful things. the enemy likes to confuse the pure love of Christ with lust by using these songs. so they aint really love sings like we're mistaken to thinking but rather lust songs. bcos, let's be real, they do not depict the selfless, genuine, patient nature of love. just some sensual junk.

 a friend also reminded me to listen to only Christian songs. i went like country songs aint that bad, right? haha but i came back to my reasoning-if i do stop doing beyonce and the like, what am i going to frigging listen to?! it's like i was being told to run away from something dangerous, with little help of what specifically i should be chasing after. christian songs seemed broad to me. like which singers? what specific songs?!

i didn't try to actively look for christian songs, i just kind of let it sit at the back burner. i had few options-don moen, cici and bibi winans... hanging out with just these folks alll the time didn't seem so fun and interesting for me. so, i did enquire from dr. google about the lyrics- i typed them in, and i found the song and the singer that had intrigued me- one little heartbeat at a time~steven curtis chapman. i hadn't heard of him. i finally downloaded the song and a number of other songs by him. this is so good, i thought to myself. i found similar artists through him and discovered a world of amazing Christian songs that i could really relate to. no one had to tell me to delete the secular junk. i quickly did! i was beginning to crave these edifying songs that convicted me and encouraged me. i became more mindful of what i was feeding my mind and soul.
there was laura story, britt nicole, brandon heath, meredith andrews, casting crowns, tenth north avenue, chris tomlin, chris august, josh wilson, natalie grant, francisca battistelli, mandisa, matthew west, sidewalk prophets, dara maclean, jj heller, john waller, kari jobe, dave barnes, jamie grace...and a whole lot more to choose from. aaahhh, this is soo good! where have these songs been all my life?! i felt like i had been living under a rock all those past years, or better still in the cave set in the distant mountains where lot and his two daughters sought refuge when God destroyed sodom and gomorrah. 
i was so happy! like a kid with lotsss of candy and colorful smooth pebbles. i got hold of their songs and i soaked them in. i liked how the songs were based on solid scriptural verses.

and though i know the songs could never replace the whole relationship i have with Jesus, i believe God speaks to me through them sometimes. they are such great tools for my worship sessions and praise breaks and they make for great company when i take walks, or just want to relax, dream, ponder life and the awesomeness of God.

if you've ever felt like you want to have access to songs with Christain values and edifying messages (that can be either soft or upbeat), you can check out the artists i mentioned above. this is why i blog about music monday, to share great edifying songs that people might not know about. i take it upon myself to find out the background of the singers to make sure they are Christ followers before listening to them.
well, so this is like my road to discovering songs that glorify Jesus, edify my soul, feed my Spirit and really resonate with me. Christ centered songs do not have to be 'boring'. i used to think like that based on the limited knowledge i had on them. but here i am, so in love with these songs that declare the love and beauty of my Best Friend!

who/what are some of your favorite Christian singers/songs? do share! :)

xoxo, delali.


  1. I just found your blog, and I'm looking forward to reading more. I absolutely love Steven Curtis Chapman. My "life" song while in college many years ago was 'More to this Life' sung by Chapman. It really hit home with me. I think it's so important to guard our ears from certain types of music. And yes, country can be just as bad as some of the others.

    You can find me at Have a great weekend!

    1. hi, Amy!! ohh, i'm gonna check your "life" song out! sounds like a good one! so true about guarding our ears! really important, yet so easy to compromise. thanks for stopping by! and i'll be sure to visit your blog! :)


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