Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The way He speaks

A number of months ago when I was still in school, something happened that encouraged me and made me smile. It was nothing dramatic or ‘huge,’ but even in its subtle form, it was and still is a big deal to me. It was an early morning on a Sunday and I was heading to church. I was taking a long sidewalk from my school that leads to a bus stop outside the campus. I can’t really place my finger on all the thoughts I had going on but I’m pretty sure cluttered thoughts about the present and my future and how things will play out were on my mind as they often are.

As I was walking with my jumbled thoughts, and likely anticipating the message which God was going to whisper to my heart in church, the chorus of a song came to me. It was an old song I hadn’t heard in a long while. You know when something happens and you go like ‘that must be God’? That’s exactly what I told myself. The chorus of the song goes like this :
I'm already there
Take a look around
I'm the sunshine in your hair
I'm the shadow on the ground
I'm the whisper in the wind
I'm your imaginary friend
And I know I'm in your prayers
Oh I'm already there 

I'm already there
Don't make a sound
I'm the beat in your heart
I'm the moonlight shining down
I'm the whisper in the wind
And I'll be there until the end
Can you feel the love that we share
Oh I'm already there.

I have no idea where the song came to me from. Like I said, I hadn’t heard it in a long, long while and from nowhere, without making any effort to remember it whatsoever, the song filled my head. I was quite surprised and yet convinced at the same time that God was trying to talk to me using these lyrics although the context of the whole song isn’t necessarily from the viewpoint of God.

I believe God speaks to us all the time. Through the Word, a friend, a movie, a song, a dream and even a complete stranger (this happened to me years ago and yeah, you guessed right. I was totally a lil freaked out. lol) Isn’t God so creative to speak to His children in such different ways?! 

There are other times He speaks to us using repetition. Like, you come across something related to a particular thing so many times you know it just can’t be coincidence. For instance, I usually take part in an online Bible study on twitter and a couple of months back, the book of study was Daniel. When I was in church that week, scriptures from Daniel were part of the main reference scriptures read (no, we don’t read Daniel every time in church), and around that time too, I heard on the radio something about the book of Daniel. If you ask me, this couldn’t have been coincidental. They occurred around the same period that I began to ask myself: what is God trying to tell me specifically in this season of my life from the book of Daniel? I thought through it and came to the wonderful understanding that I might be going through tough stuff which may look overwhelming to overcome, but with God by my side, just like He was in the midst of the fire with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and they stayed alive, just as He protected Daniel from harm by sending an angel to shut the mouths of the lions in the den, that is the same way He is going to protect me. I may go through a fiery furnace or face lions, but I will NOT be harmed. I may experience very uncomfortable situations, but that’s not going to bring me down.

I’m oh, so thankful to God that He thinks about me and cares enough to assure me that whatever brand of crazy going on in my life, He’s right there with me. He really is. And that gladdens this sometimes fretting heart of mine. I need to be attentive and listen to Him all the time so I don’t miss anything. And though I haven’t yet experienced hearing Him literally speak to me like in the Moses and the burning bush scenario, (how I can’t wait for this to happen) I appreciate all the other ways God chooses to speak to me, His beloved. :) Whenever I feel very strongly about a scripture or convicted about something, I know that’s God right there, tugging at my heart.

I don’t know which ways God speaks to you specifically aside the Bible, but I pray that He opens your heart to figure it out and be guided by His loving instructions through every season in your life. And I hope that when someone prophesies to you, you take the time to pray about it yourself to verify if what the person said was actually from God before taking it in, hook, line and sinker. :) (You need to be careful with these things.)

No matter what you’re going through, trust me, I know what pain is. What I go through may not be exactly what you’re going through but dear one, know that God is there with you in the midst of it all. Is it present struggles, uncertainties about the future that leaves you panicking and close to tears? You’ll be just fine. Keep your head up, and listen to His still, small voice. And just like He was speaking to me through that song, know that no matter what you’re facing, He is already there with you. He’s always going to be with us and we shall overcome.

Be encouraged. xoxo


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